Mouldings, Mats and Fillets Available at Imagery

Natural woods and gold, silver, copper and pewter

Gold and Wood Mouldings

Part of our more than 2,000 moulding choices


One small section at Imagery

Moulding Collection (partial)

Acid-free, cotton-rag matting, custom cut

Mat Samples

4 -ply , 6-ply , and 8- ply in white, cream and every color

custom framing makes the frame fit the picture

Colorful Mouldings

not forcing the picture to fit the frame

colorful mouldings in formica, metal, and wood

Some Colorful Mouldings

These and others to match all the colors of the rainbow

elegant, gold mouldings

Gold Mouldings

for a formal or traditional look

Wooden fillets: gold, silver, natural wood

Gold Fillets

to accent a mat opening or enhance a frame lip

Fllets to match your frame

Wooden Fillets

The height of elegant framing