wine stoppers

Bella Donna

Handmade winebottle toppers, stoppers, and jewelry

provencal placemats

Authentic Proven├žal patterns in matching placemats, napkins, aprons, and oven glove

framed South American Butterflies

The beautiful butterflies of South America surrounded in glass with natural wood framing.

Gold framed butterfly

This truly elegant work of art by God becomes an elegant accent for the room in this custom-made framing.

The sense of hearing from the Five Senses series

Clunylady tapestry

From the Lady and the Unicorn series in the Cluny Museum in Paris.

Large-sized tapestries to be framed or hung from a rod. Smaller versions available to be made into a pillow, totebag, or even a purse.

Medieval tapestry series available in three sizes

Lady and the unicorn tapestry

Background rabbit from the Lady and the Unicorn

Museum-reproduction jacquard tapestries made in France and Belgium