Decorate your office for a professional environment.

Add Class to Your Office Decor with an Art Reproduction


by David De Groot

Office decor doesn't have to be boring, or even all businesslike. You can spruce up your office walls with elegant oil paintings even if you're on a tight budget. Art reproductions are beautiful works of art that are hand-painted by talented artists to capture the true colors and meanings of famous paintings from the past. With the low cost of art reproductions, anyone can decorate their office using famous paintings.

Enhance Office Waiting Areas

Use artwork throughout your office waiting area to enhance your decor. Paintings can be matched with chairs, couches, tables, lamps and carpeting to create the mood you want. If you desire a cheerful atmosphere, consider using colorful paintings of animals or landscapes. For a dramatic effect, use old-fashioned portraits of people or paintings of serious scenes with darker color patterns.

Create an Office Theme

You can also use painting reproductions to build a theme for your office. For example, if your office is related to finance, paintings depicting a financial theme will make a great addition to your decor. Another example is to hang cheerful, lifelike paintings of children in a pediatric office. Or, a travel agency might use paintings of fascinating places around the world. There are paintings to create almost any theme.

Inspire Your Employees

Art reproductions can also be used to inspire your employees as they work. Hang inspirational works of art near employee desks and in break rooms. Paintings of relaxing scenes might be used to help reduce stress in the workplace. For example, the gorgeous "Fishing in Spring" painting by Vincent van Gogh will give your employees a visual getaway at a glance. "Landscape with a Rainbow" by Peter Paul Rubens offers a peek into a faraway land of beauty. Your employees will enjoy working in a motivational environment.

Build a Reputation

Decorating your office with art reproductions will give it the look and feel of a high-class work environment. Your clients and business associates will assume you spent a fortune decorating your office when you really didn't. Art reproductions make this possible because they usually cost so little while their original counterparts might cost thousands of dollars. This enables you to have a professional office decor while also saving money.

Artwork in the office can add tremendously to your decor. You can use it to create the colors and themes you want, and build an atmosphere your clients will appreciate.

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